Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A VERY Late Introduction

I can't believe I completely neglected this blog. It has been almost a YEAR since we had our second baby. A BOY!
My pregnancy ended up being similar to my last - horrible swelling and gestational diabetes again, this time ending up with insulin shots 4x daily. It really wasn't so bad but I was so worried that the baby was gaining too quickly, just like as with Lauren.
My OB scheduled my C/S for March 7th. The surgery went so smoothly...and at 8:38am, I heard Tim shout "It's a BOY" Evan Andrew Bradley weighed in at a whopping 10lbs 4oz, born at 38w5d (just like Lauren).

He is a wonderful little dude, so friendly and full of smiles. We are celebrating his first birthday in just over a week. I can't believe this year has gone so fast. He fills our days with laughter and smiles, but it hasn't always been like that - his first 3-4 months were very hard on me. He needed to nurse OFTEN and cried A LOT...He is quite a Mama's Boy and often cries when I leave or am not in eye sight. I admit, I love that he loves me so much - but find it so hard when I am the only one who can soothe him. He is a mini-me of his Daddy...our little Timbit. Evan loves his big sister and is starting to play along side of her...or jump on top of her for a few body slams.

Evan is a wonderful addition to our family.



Taken at his baptism, January 11, 2009 - 10months 4days old

Friday, November 2, 2007

Ages since my last post.

Well, it's been ages since my last post...There is so much to write about.

     Tim, Lauren and I went up with my family to our cottage for a week.  The very first night, I was woken by a horrible pain in my shoulder.  It lasted all night and was still sore in the morning...I was so worried about ectopic pregnancy as this is a sign that the baby has implanted somewhere other than the uterine wall.  After I had gotten Tim up, I went into the bathroom and had some bleeding.  Different than my spotting with Lauren - this was more red.  We were terrified and decided to leave Lauren with my parents and head to the ER in North Bay.  We spent most of the day there - they were great and took good care of me.  I had blood work done and an ECG to make sure my shoulder pain wasn't heart related.  All tests came back fine - the blood work showed my HcG levels were right on track.  I spent the rest of the week resting...which was great...had little spotting but nothing too serious.
   I saw Dr. Damji on July 30th, where he sent me for another round of blood tests to make sure my HcG levels were rising from the last test.  I went back 2 days later and he said they were rising considerably...all seems well.  He has ordered an ultrasound just to rule out an ectopic although he doesn't feel that my shoulder pain is related.

     We figured out the source of my shoulder pain - it was feeling pretty good for a while and then we drove to Woodstock for a family party and the moment we put the A/C on - my shoulder started paining.  Probably spending 4hrs on the way to the cottage with the air blowing directly on my shoulder caused the pain.
     Our ultrasound was booked for August 13.  Tim had to stay home with the daycare I went alone - I was so anxious.  The technician was super and showed me the baby's heartbeat right away...made me feel so much better.  When I got home, Tim was so anxious to see me - I showed him the picture of our little bean and we both started to cry - Thank God everything was OK with our little sweetie.
     Still feeling very tired...I was plagued with horrible nausea that lasted most of the day.  From about 2:30 - 6:00, I felt terrible.  I would have awful dry heaves, I wasn't physically sick very often - which I think I would've preferred.  The heaving would leave me feeling so uncomfortable. 
     While at the walk-in clinic with Lauren, I mentioned to the DR that I'd been having some cramping off and on - the DR checked the baby's heart beat.  Was so great to hear.  The DR. said it was right around 150.  I wish Tim could've been there.
     August 31st, we headed on a family vacation to Las Vegas and California to visit my family. 

   The first two weeks of the month were spent in super hot Las Vegas and California.  We had a good trip - Lauren loved DisneyLand.  Thankfully, my nausea subsided just before we left for our trip.
     Not much really exciting happened in September...Was very busy with work with a new 1year old child starting.  Still very tired....Started feeling baby move around 15weeks =) Love feeling his/her little kicks.

     October was a pretty exciting baby month.  We had our big ultrasound on October 18th.  We had the same technician as I had the first time.  She wasn't as friendly =(  She did all the measurements and then called Tim and Lauren in.  Lauren wasn't too thrilled seeing me on the table...but liked looking at her brother/sister on the screen.  The baby's heart beat was in the 150s again (girl?).  Was so amazing seeing our little bean moving around.
     Later that night, we were steam cleaning the carpets.  My feet must've been wet and when I walked into the kitchen, I fell REALLY HARD.  The pain I felt from my foot, I was certain I broke it...and I wasn't sure how I fell...on my side? on my belly?  Jennie came to stay with Lauren as she was already long asleep and we head to the ER.  They took me in right away and sent me for an x-ray.  The x-ray showed no break...but oh boy, did my foot hurt - was not able to put any pressure on it for a couple days.  I made them check the baby's heartbeat as I didn't feel any movement from the time I'd fallen.  The nurse took a long time to find it - TIm and I just kept looking at eachother, with tears welling in our eyes, then FINALLY...whoosh whoosh whoosh...THANK GOD! It was high...about 165.  
     We met with Dr. Psarakis on October 23rd.  She is going to review the notes of my last labour/delivery to see why I needed a c-section.  I have to give some thought to trying to have a vaginal birth or another caesarean.  I think I'd like to try a VBAC but hate to think that this labour/delivery will be the same as Lauren's.  Non progressive and lay there ALL day with nothing.  So, we'll see what she says.  We don't see her again until January 8th.
     Baby's movements have been getting quite strong.  Im sure Tim will be able to feel it soon.  I think that I will start to look for the baby's coming home outfit soon - I'm sure that everything will be picked over after Christmas and even Spring things will probably be out close to March.  So, time to go shopping.  =)

Hopefully, I can keep on my blogging and it won't be as long before I write again.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

We're Pregnant

Hooray! Tim and I are expecting baby #2. We just found out on Sunday (July 8th). I'd had been at a 26 day cycle for about 7 months except for last month which was 28...So, on Sunday I had gotten to 29 days and was thinking I'd been so tired this week and a little nauseous. I headed over to Shoppers and then we all ate lunch. I took the test while Tim and Lauren were finishing theirs and fully expected to see a negative sign....2 PINK LINES!!!! We're pregnant!!!! I couldn't believe it - this was our first month of trying :) We were soooo surprised and excited! I couldn't stop crying all day...hormones, I guess!

Later that afternoon, we headed over to both of our parents houses. Lauren was wearing a bright pink shirt that I had wrote on "I'm going to be a big sister". Both of our parents were surprised and happy! They knew as well that we had just started trying.

It feels very strange this time as we have decided to wait for a while to share the good news. With my pregnancy with Lauren, I had some spotting at the beginning which they said was we just thought we'd wait a while. The only people that know are our parents and siblings. I'm dying to tell someone!!!!!

Overall, I'm feeling OK...I don't remember feeling this nauseous with Lauren. The heat makes me feel sick - I'm hoping that being due in March this time will save me from swelling in my feet and ankles. I'm still really tired and can't make it through the day without a nap....oh well - napping is good :)

Will write again in a couple weeks - I see my DR. on July 30th to review my bloodwork and stuff.
Love, Hollie